Tigrai regional state is at war with both the federal government and with Amhara regional state, according to different sources including the sources of those parts that are in a war.

A media outlet known as Ethio 360 is broadcast the following information about the current situation in Tigrai and the current roles of the federal government on Tigrai regional state. Tesfaselam.info team wants to tell viewers of this video that we have no additional information about what is being told in the video and we are not responsible for any misinformation in the video (if any); the sole source is Ethio 360 and it could be liable for what is broadcast on its channel (if it has any misleading or wrong information).

We (Tesfaselam.info) team is forwarding to you what is being said about Tigrai regional state and the federal government of Ethiopia. Stay tuned, working hard to be a better choice for up to date information seekers.


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