Hotels in Addis resuming their Usual Business

Most of the hotels in Addis Abeba and regional cities that have been out of business due to COVID-19 in the past six months are reopening their doors for business. With the exception of those operating as quarantine centers, over the past few months, most hotels have been closed for renovation.

Feteh Woldesenbet, President of the Employers’ Association of Ethiopian Hotels and Related Service Providers, said that the hotels are carrying out the necessary preparatory work to return to business with the prescribed health precautions.

Feteh explained that “Security protocol preparation is being planned. The training will be provided to employees of hotels and tour operators and will be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. By putting the necessary precautions in place, the hotels are returning to business.

Via 18 commercial banks financing the ailing hotels, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) disbursed 3 billion birr in loans with 5.5 percent interest. But since the interest rate of five percent was payable to the NBE, the banks did not make money out of these transactions, contributing to the banks’ lack of interest in actively operating on the initiative. Not all hotels have benefited from the scheme, according to Feteh.

The Addis Ababa Hotel Owners Association is currently holding training sessions for chefs in partnership with the Chefs Association. In view of the global effects of COVID-19 and the requisite precautions for health protection, hotels are preparing to receive guests. The Addis Ababa Hotel Owners Association will arrange training for hotel employers and workers on health protection protocols, and business organizations must be accredited, Daniel said.

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