Breaking news :Addis Ababa City Administration

The Addis Ababa City Mayor’s Office calmed off their obligations for undisclosed reasons in any event 10 representatives the previous chairman put into office, The Reporter has learnt.Sources revealed to The Reporter that after a gathering held fourteen days back, where huge numbers of the city regulatory posts went through reshuffling and firing measures, the ten authorities who were politically designated to fill in as managerial chiefs for various posts under the Mayor’s Office have been informed that they are diminished of their obligations successful as of October 28, 2020.

he Mayor’s Office has organized itself to oblige Protocols Directorate, International Affairs Directorate, Domestic Affairs Directorate, Social Media Directorate, IT Directorate, Spokesperson Directorate, among others. The recently designated top of Mayor’s Office excused the chiefs who used to run these directorates.

As per sources, the authorities were calmed of their obligations without assessment of their exhibitions, accomplishments or unfortunate activities. One of the terminated authorities disclosed to The Reporter “we were gathered, educated of our firing and advised to apply at the Civil Service Commission. That was it”. The disappointed authority said that they request clarification from the Mayor’s Office. “We would have valued it, had we been assessed and discovered to be wasteful. Yet, what has befallen us is a simple political game,” he asserts.

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