Breaking News: Current Situation about TPLF and the Federal Government of Ethiopia

Ethiopia during the last 27 years, prior to the coming of PM Abiy Ahmed, had been invited to various international stages to share its exemplary works on federalism with several other countries. The country was known for its strong and disciplined defense force, fast economic growth, superior diplomacy especially in East Africa IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority for Development), and generally considered as a symbol of an emerging hope for the African continent.

Now, all those glorious times were completely reversed. As a result, the integrity of the country has been very much at issue since the last two and more years. It is as plain as daylight that, now; the nation is on the verge of being completely fractured unless some remedy is done to save it.

Sources are reporting that the current situation between the Tigrai region and the federal government may lead to fully fractured Ethiopia. The Amhara elites now need to think twice and contribute their share in saving the country, many prominent Amhara activists including Zemedkun Bekele are warning on the social media.

Stay tuned, we will timely update you on the current situation in Ethiopia.

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