Eritrean and Tigrean Investors Jointly Opening Companies, Tigrai Media House (TMH)

The Eritrean and the Tigrean people live in the Eastern part of Africa. The two people, especially the Tigrigna speaking people are genetically the same and they have the same language, the same culture, the same lifestyle, and similar living standards. The two people are the owner of the Axumite Civilization, which was one of the bases for the civilization of the modern world.

For years now, it was impossible for the two genetically the same people to exchange even greetings to each other because of the political tricks made on them for years. The two genetically the same people were intentionally made to think one is different from the other. Especially, the Eritreans were the victims of such ideology; the Eritreans were made to consider themselves as superior races compared to their Tigrean brothers and were not able to see the political tricks made on them by their governors. And the two genetically the same people were made to be administered in different geographical locations and a bloody war between the two brotherly people has finally cut their blood related relationships for years. 

Thanks to the elites of that time, the two people (the Eritreans and the Tigreans) are now living in different sovereign countries; the Eritreans have their own sovereign country, Eritrea but the Tigreans are still part of the Ethiopian federation. Separating the two brotherly people was the goal of the elites of that time and their goal was successful. The sole reason for the governors/elites of that time for separating the two brotherly people was that the two people are great warriors and if the two brotherly people were let to live together peacefully, governors/elites of that time could not had been able govern them the way they want.

However, things are changing in a way that no one had thought it before.  Even the Eritrean brothers have now understood the tricks of the governors of ‘Shewa’, especially the tricks of Menelik II. The Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF) was always on the side of the Eritreans though there was a wrong conclusion about it on the side of the Eritrean brothers.  Giving recognitions to the Eritrean Independence; giving residence, providing Education service, facilitating Visa for Eritreans to live abroad, etc for Eritrean refugees were some of the unforgettable brotherly deeds of TPLF. After years of asleep, the Eritrean scholars started to uncover the truth to their people and the Eritrean people have begun questioning their elites regarding their relationship with their Tigrean brothers. The Tigrean people were already aware of the tricks of the ‘Shewa’ elites and were awaiting for a time to brotherly meet their Eritrean brothers.

After many efforts both from the Tigrean scholars and the Eritrean scholars, things are now clear that the two people (Eritreans and Tigreans) need brotherly cooperation and live in peace as before. The only obstacle is the rough relationship between the governors of the two people, and the potentially tricky opposition expected from the Amhara elites, which is a continuation of the Menelik II goal. According to a media outlet known as Tigrai Media House (TMH), Tigreans and Eritrean investors are now jointly opening companies in Washington D.C, U.S.A. TMH on its live Tv broadcast that the Tigrean and Eritrean investors have plan jointly opening investments in Tigrai. TMH added that the investors have plans to jointly open investments in Eritrea too; hopping the relationships between Tigrai Liberation Front (TPLF) and Eritrea People Liberation Front (EPLF) will be improved soon.  

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