Reconciliation Progress between TPLF and the Federal Government, Press Conference by the Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission

The Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission (ERC) has reported that its attempts to mediate the current impasse between the Federal Government and the Tigray Regional State have been thwarted by the preconditions set by both sides before they sit at the round table.

In response to questions about the Commission’s efforts to ease the friction between the regional administration of Tigray and the federal government, the Cardinal said that both sides expressed their willingness to resolve the differences between them. However, significant obstacles remain, as politicians underscore their own pre-conditions for sharing a table and holding a discussion. The Cardinal refused to state the specifics of the conditions laid down by both sides.

However, he noted that the Commission had learned of “a very positive and good gesture from the administration of Tigray.”

ERC has also established and engaged strategic partners to help the Commission deliver a comprehensive service to the public during the reporting period. Accordingly, the Commission has concluded two partnership agreements with the Ministry of Peace and the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, according to the Chair.

The agreement with the Ministry of Peace, he clarified, aims to allow the two parties to cooperate on capacity building and knowledge sharing, as well as on synergizing efforts, where necessary.

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